Update: No Pressure.

So yet again it’s been a while. I need to get better at this consistency thing… but I don’t need to dwell on it and they say that bursts of creativity come and go like the wind. So. Whoosh. Here I am back again.

I don’t know why I haven’t written since the summer. I think life just got in the way and I forgot my blog…no actually that is a complete lie. I thought about it multiple times but just never got inspired enough to sit down and type.

And that leads me back to my time old problem…

I wouldn’t say I lack motivation at the moment; I am just having a tough time amping up the levels. In the summer I was Miss Fit, gym goer 5 times a week, out running, eating healthy… pushed on by my need to be in a bikini. Now however those poolside days are a distant memory I am finding myself loving training far less.

The strange thing is I REALLY REALLY want to be enjoying it like I did a couple of months ago.

I am fortunate enough to have a trainer twice a week… and thank god because otherwise I think things would be much worse but even in those sessions I find myself moaning, stropping and downright defying my trainer.

I want to know why. I’m tired I tell myself. My legs ache. I need to rest. I have a host of excuses to avoid training and often feel awful afterwards.

Then the other day I thought.. Its fine to not be enjoying it right now. Why put pressure on myself. Why make myself feel bad. Everyone has ups and downs. Everyone has their moments. No pressure I tell myself.

It doesn’t mean that I am always going to feel like this. The thing is I don’t want to force myself to train because I really do love it … when I love it.

For the moment I am just going to keep going. Take a break when I need and hopefully get my flow back eventually.

It starts with something.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.



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