Say YES. 80m freefall Abseil.

So this is where I spent my Sunday morning….
 I am trying this thing where I say YES when people ask me to try out new things. As a result I ended up hanging 80m in the air last Sunday.
 My dad often asks me to join him on some of his adventurous pursuits usually along the lines of .. C will you climb a mountain with me? C will you go on a 50mile cycle ride with me… and usually I say no.


 However when I was asked if I would abseil off the  Mittal Obit in the Olympic Park ( the highest freefall abseil in the UK) for some reason I said yes.  Okay I actually said no first but then he booked anyway so it would have been rude not too.
I have to say it was not as scary as I imagined… I had a little freak out at the top.


 But… as soon as you get over the edge it was pretty enjoyable. Not to mention to the great view of London’s skyline.

Shame it wasn’t great weather.
When I got to the bottom I did feel a sense of achievement, sure its not a HUGE thing to have done.. but not that many people have done it.
we then made our way back up to the viewing platform to enjoy the view with two feet on the ground and wound our way down the outside staircase back to safety.
We moved on to a well deserved lunch at Bethnal Green’s Bistrotheque, a gem hidden down a side street.
The day ended with a quick stop off at Columbia Road flower market to brighten up the day.
Bring on the next adventure.
It starts with something.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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