Exercise, Endorphines and Motivation.

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.. and happy people just don’t kill people.

I know Legally Blonde isn’t exactly a ground-breaking movie but that line is one that has stuck with me since my teenage years. My relationship with excersie has always been a flippant one. I played on sports teams at school and university, had love affairs with a gym.. enjoyed the occasional run and exercise class but I have never been very consistent or kept to a long term routine… something I am sure many people can empathise with.

My major problem is captivation perhaps. I am easily bored and have struggled to be reliable or committed to a routine. The thought of new classes is great but I often get home from work with all intentions of going to the gym but the draw of relaxing on the sofa wins.

Don’t get me wrong I love exercise I just have a struggle with motivation. I sometimes find it easier to exercise when I am somewhere new.. I think building it into exploration makes is more fun. I recently went to Miami and absolutely loved going on runs and bike rides along the beach. It made me wish I could do that everyday. I guess you could say that holiday breathes a new energy into you..but its that kind if feeling I wish I always had when I am back home because of how much I enjoyed it. Although running in freezing english winter doesn’t really compare to the gorgeous Miami beaches!!



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Since I have been struggling with anxiety and my ear clicking I really think exercise is something that helps. I have invested in a personal trainer recently and am trying.. fairly successfully… to do Pilates regularly.

What exercise does for me is create a distraction from thoughts in my head or how I am feeling. It certainly has a beneficial effect on the neurological system and when I leave a session I always feel happier and have a clearer mind. I feel like I am constantly learning something new from my trainer…. I know some people with think its an unnecessary luxury but I feel like having someone else who is invested in your health is a real help.

As I learn more about the benefits of exercise I hope to share these… and hopefully work on my commitment issues…It starts with something.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.



One thought on “Exercise, Endorphines and Motivation.

  1. I had the same problem. I made the decision about a year ago to wake up early each day, get a treadmill and a bowflex machine. I did it. It worked out great for me. At first it was tough, but now I couldn’t live without my morning routine. It is ME time and I love it.


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