Anxiety: Where do I start?

Relief. That is probably not what you expect to have after being told you are suffering with anxiety, however in some ways that is how I feel. I know it seems strange to be told you are having anxiety, should you know? Isn’t it obvious? I have panic attacks, sure but I normally attribute these to being ‘stressed’, busy, hung-over, tired or whatever else happens that day. I have also noticed myself becoming irrationally uncomfortable around certain friends and situations and finding myself leaving early or choosing not to go to certain events.  I often questioned why I couldn’t just stay out or go to friends parties, even if I wanted to go part of me always worried about how I might feel when I went out, I sometimes thought it must be lack of sleep, not wanting to spend money or having had a busy day. In hindsight the way I often feel is most definitely some kind of anxiety. I never actually went to the doctors because of feeling anxious. I was there due to a clicking sound that has been going on in my ear for the last 10 months. It drives me mad, but whilst I recognised feeling anxious or upset, I assumed this was a natural reaction to having this irritating sound in my ear. I only briefly considered it was being anxious that may have brought it on. In actual fact I don’t know why it started but what has happened now is that the anxiety makes the clicking worse which I turn makes the anxiety worse… and so on and on and on. a huge loop if you may. The anxiety has got worse recently, my chest feels tight, my ear clicks aand I often find myself overthinking things, feeling actively worried or upset. Although I am about to start some anti-anxiety medication,I feel that there is a lot to be said for the effects of lifestyle on health so that is why I have started this blog. This is not going to be a blog of me moaning constantly about how bad I feel, it is more a way to see how I can try and work through my anxiety and hopefully make the click in my ear go away. I have no plan of action but am up for trying anything from, exercise, diet, mindfulness or whatever else I may come across….I guess it starts with something. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. C


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